Counseling Before Marriage

Well, I will start this post by being cheesy. I met my long-time girlfriend in a parking lot of a grocery store. Might be a little bit cliché but it is the truth. While I was parking my car to get some stop on the store, there was this lady having a hard time getting her groceries on to his car. Well as a gentleman, I hop out of my car and help the lady out. The lady I met was covered in sweat already because of the struggle she is facing.

When all was good, and she thanked me. When I was facing her and had a clear look at her face, I realized how beautiful the lady was. Good thing I was quick on my decision and ask for her number right away.

I called her that night and we got to know each other better. We went on dates and to cut the long story should we had a relationship.

Finding Ways

What we have right now is so precious and we want it to last. We are having a future and we want to try premarital counseling. This was my decision and she gladly obliged to it. I explained to her that she was the best thing that happened to me and that I want to secure our future by having counseling help us.

With all time high percentage of couples getting divorces, it is only right to submit ourselves to the premarital counseling get help with your marriage.

Our next step was to find a professional counselor in our area that has good track record.. This step was so easy because you can just a simple search in the internet and you can find right away what you are looking for.

We found a counselor Mike of Meister Counseling located above San Diego, California. He was very professional. We started our session with him, and it was good. We are looking forward to securing our relationship and I am very optimistic this will help us to strengthen it.